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1 heighten or intensify; "These paintings exalt the imagination" [syn: animate, invigorate, enliven, exalt]
2 supply the inspiration for; "The article about the artist inspired the exhibition of his recent work"
3 serve as the inciting cause of; "She prompted me to call my relatives" [syn: prompt, instigate]
4 urge on or encourage especially by shouts; "The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers" [syn: cheer, urge, barrack, urge on, exhort, pep up]
5 fill with revolutionary ideas [syn: revolutionize, revolutionise]
6 draw in (air); "Inhale deeply"; "inhale the fresh mountain air"; "The patient has trouble inspiring"; "The lung cancer patient cannot inspire air very well" [syn: inhale, breathe in] [ant: exhale]

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  1. To breathe into; to fill with the breath; to animate.
  2. To infuse by breathing, or as if by breathing.
  3. To draw in by the operation of breathing; to inhale.
  4. To infuse into the mind; to communicate to the spirit; to convey, as by a divine or supernatural influence; to disclose preternaturally; to produce in, as by inspiration.
  5. To infuse into; to affect, as with a superior or supernatural influence; to fill with what animates, enlivens, or exalts; to communicate inspiration to.
    to inspire a child with sentiments of virtue.


Derived terms


to breathe into; to fill with the breath; to animate
  • Italian: ispirare
to infuse by breathing, or as if by breathing
  • Italian: ispirare
to draw in by the operation of breathing; to inhale
  • Dutch: inademen
  • Hungarian: belélegzik
  • Italian: ispirare
to infuse into the mind; to communicate to the spirit
  • Dutch: inspireren
to infuse into; to affect, as with a superior or supernatural influence
  • Hungarian: ösztönöz, lelkesít



  1. Form of First-person singular present subjunctive, inspirer
  2. Form of Third-person singular present subjunctive, inspirer
  3. Form of Second-person singular imperative, inspirer

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Inspiration may refer to: Personal inspiration, A person can have an idol, the idol can have a skill that the idolator wants.> Artistic inspiration, sudden creativity in artistic production
  • Revelation, an uncovering or disclosure of something hidden via communication from the divine
  • Biblical inspiration, the doctrine in Judeo-Christian theology concerned with the divine origin of the Bible
  • Inhalation, the movement of air into the lungs
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Inspiration comes from life experiences, feelings, dreams, and thoughts. Inspiration is what makes great things happen.
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

activate, actuate, affect, affirm, afford hope, animate, arouse, aspirate, assure, augur well, awaken, bid fair, blow, bolster, boost, brace up, breathe, breathe hard, breathe in, breathe out, brighten, bring, bring about, bring on, buck up, buoy up, buttress, call forth, call up, carry, cause, cheer, confirm, contrive, cough, draw down, draw in, draw on, effect, elicit, embolden, embue, encourage, endow, endue, energize, enliven, evoke, exalt, excite, exhale, exhaust, exhilarate, expel, expire, fire, fortify, galvanize, gasp, get, give a lift, give hope, gladden, gulp, hack, have good prospects, hearten, hiccup, hold out hope, hold out promise, huff, imbue, impress, induce, infect, influence, inform, infuse, inhale, inject, inoculate, inspire hope, inspirit, instigate, invigorate, justify hope, kindle, lead, liven, make fair promise, motivate, move, muster up, nerve, obtain, pant, pick up, procure, promise, prompt, provoke, puff, quicken, raise expectations, raise hope, rally, reassure, reinforce, rejoice, rejoice the heart, respire, rouse, set up, sigh, slurp, sneeze, sniff, sniffle, snore, snort, snuff, snuff in, snuffle, spirit, spirit up, stimulate, stir, strengthen, strike, suck, suck in, suckle, summon up, superinduce, support, sway, touch, uplift, vitalize, vivify, waken, wheeze
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